An Innovation Leader

Gentex is an industry leader in developing products in the automotive, fire protection, and aerospace industries. Our entrepreneurial spirit leads us to continuously improve our existing products and look for new products and markets to grow our business. In an effort to protect our investments, we file significant numbers of U.S. and foreign patents. We have provided this section on our website to assist others in determining which Gentex patents cover a specific product.

Gentex Patents

Group Patents

If your HomeLink product features a group patent identification instead of the
8-digit identification number, please select the patent group from the chart below to view the applicable patents.

Group A Group AA Group AC Group AE Group AH
Group AJ Group AK Group B, D Group C Group E
Group G Group L, M, N Group P Group R, W Group S
Group T Group V Group Y Group Z

Patent Search

For your reference, the tool below will display the United States patents that cover a specific product when the lot number (located on the back of the mirror or module) is entered into the box below.

Please note that this tool works for all mirrors manufactured beginning June 2012, and HomeLink products beginning February 2013. For all products manufactured before those dates, the patent information can be found on a label located inside the mirror's housing or on the module.




HomeLink products are also covered by one or more of the following patents: View Patents
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