Automotive Products

Side Blind Zone


Gentex through-glass Razor® Turn Signals warn vehicles in your side blind zones of impending turns and lane changes. They produce 10 times more light than conventional, shell-mounted "wrap-around designs", and direct that light to the side blind zone regions.

Approach Lighting

When you activate your key fob to unlock your vehicle, Gentex through-glass approach lights illuminate the side of the vehicle, door handle, and entry path. Unlike other conventional “puddle” lamps that shine downward towards the door hinges, our approach lighting places the light where it is most useful and makes entering the vehicle safer and easier.

Side Blind Zone Alerts

Hundreds of thousands of side-blind-zone-related accidents occur every year. Gentex Side Blind Zone Indicators illuminate to notify the driver when vehicles are traveling in either side blind zone. The signal detecting the presence of a vehicle in the side blind zone is provided by an OEM-specified supplier, and that signal triggers the Gentex Side Blind Zone Indicator to light up. Gentex Side Blind Zone Indicators are currently used by six automakers.

Curved Glass

Gentex curved mirrors provide a larger field of view than traditional planar (flat) mirrors, and eliminate blind spot issues for many different-sized vehicles. Our capabilities allow us to bend multiple shapes to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.